Mango-Sesame Tofu Spring Rolls

The Kitchen Beet - Spring Rolls

I have a 10 year old. This still surprises me, even though I barely remember my life before I came a mother. While it seems he grew from five, to six, to seven with changes in reading level and physical capabilities, nothing has quite prepared me for the stage and growth curve we’re entering now. He’s really growing up. It’s like I’ve realized, almost for the first time, that he really will go to middle school and high school and move out of the house. I have this new awareness that he won’t be my baby forever and MAN I had better soak it up.

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Fish Tacos with an Asian Flair

The Kitchen Beet - Fish Tacos

I love colorful food. Though I have few “rules” for food, if I had to sum up my food philosophy, it would be something like: “Make the majority of what you eat + eat all of the colors. The end.” I was chatting about this space with my girlfriend when we were in Vermont last weekend and mentionedĀ I’ve come to a purposeĀ for this food blog, without really meaning to. When I first started thinking about creating a spot to put all of my favorite recipes for friends and family, that was really my only goal. It’s become a little more concrete as I get further into it: I’m really on a mission to get people to make more of what they eat!

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