Frozen Coconut-Pineapple Limeade

TKB - Coconut-Pineapple Limeade

If I were not 39 weeks pregnant, and if it had not been hovering in the high 80’s – 90’s all week until last night’s thunderstorm, I might be showing up at the table with something a little more substantial – another colorful salad, or perhaps one of the dishes I’ve been working on with spring produce from our CSA. But as it stands, nothing sounds better than a frozen drink. The kids couldn’t drink theirs fast enough, and my husband assures me this is even better with rum. I hid what little was left in the blender after serving everyone else, so I could have two glasses. Only six more days of being able to blame such behavior on the pregnancy.

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You Think You Don’t Like Kale But You Do Smoothie

kale smoothie (prose)

I don’t like to label my kids with names like “picky,” but the truth is, the 10-year-old kind of is. The fact that he requests this smoothie (“Mom! Can you make the kale and ginger smoothie please?!”) is a serious seal of approval. There isn’t a time I don’t love this smoothie. Morning, yes. Post work-out, yes. Feeling sluggish, yes. Having friends over, yes. Putting it in the toddler’s cup when she’s giving her green beans the evil eye, yes.

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