Weekend Breakfast Ideas: Kale-Berry Smoothie + Raspberry-Banana Overnight Oats with Maple-Glazed Almonds

The Kitchen Beet :: Kale-Berry Smoothie

I’d like to give Friday a nice round of applause for arriving so quickly this week, and for (in my neck of the woods) being sunny and warm. As you gear up for all your weekend plans, I’ve put together a couple of ideas to make breakfast really easy for you. If we have any dads or older kids in the crowd in the crowd, I’d recommend you add one of these to your breakfast in bed plans for your wife/mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday!

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You Think You Don’t Like Kale But You Do Smoothie

kale smoothie (prose)

I don’t like to label my kids with names like “picky,” but the truth is, the 10-year-old kind of is. The fact that he requests this smoothie (“Mom! Can you make the kale and ginger smoothie please?!”) is a serious seal of approval. There isn’t a time I don’t love this smoothie. Morning, yes. Post work-out, yes. Feeling sluggish, yes. Having friends over, yes. Putting it in the toddler’s cup when she’s giving her green beans the evil eye, yes.

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