Cauliflower-Celeriac-Carrot Soup with Shiitake “Bacon”


My husband has been a vegetarian for 15 years (the same amount time I’ve known him, though not the same amount of time we’ve been married), so much of the food on this site focuses around whole foods and stuff that comes out of the ground, as that is primarily what I cook. You real bacon lovers might turn up your nose at the thought of mushroom bacon, but don’t knock  it until you’ve tried it!

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Beets and Blackberries

beet salad (prose)

Starting a food blog named The Kitchen Beet demands the very first post have something to do with beets, no? There’s more than one reason I decided to title this blog as such, back when I started dreaming about it last year. When I think of beets, words like earthy, sweet, messy, vibrant, healthy and colorful come to mind. Those words are a pretty accurate description of the happenings in my kitchen and, if nothing else, the messy part always rings true. 
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