The Easiest Huevos Rancheros

The Kitchen Beet - Huevos Rancheros

I’m always a candidate for easy, healthy, flavorful food. Every so often, I like to make breakfast for dinner. It’s usually some combination of a green smoothie, like this one, french toast or pancakes (like the whole wheat-yogurt-cinnamon ones I contributed to Darling), maybe potatoes and definitely eggs. The kids often prefer a scramble or boiled egg, but I like to whip these up for the adults at the table. This recipe serves one each for four (or two for you and your favorite fellow egg-lover), but really, you could multiply it many times.

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Buttermilk, Brown Butter, Blueberry Mini Muffins

The Kitchen Beet - Blueberry Muffins top

Say that five times fast. If unsuccessful, well, then, better make the muffins! Here in Michigan we are buying, consuming, freezing and baking with blueberries as fast as we can. These sweet, beautiful berries are my little saving grace in the middle of winter when I make pancakes on Sunday morning. For now, however, they are ripe and fresh and ready to be tucked in a not-too-sweet, but pretty decadent mini muffin.

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If Quiche Makes You Want to Dance

eggs (prose)

I’m an egg lover. Not in a red wine and dark chocolate kind of way, but still. I’m particularly fond of quiche when hosting a group, for obvious reasons. It’s less labor intensive and more friendly to everyone eating at once, opposed to some person standing over the stove churning out omelettes while everyone else eats.

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