Peach-Blueberry Bars with Pistachio-Honey Crumble

The Kitchen Beet - Peach-Blueberry Bar

I mean. If that title is reeling you in, we’re already friends. These bars are my idea of perfection – they’re not too sweet, so they seem equally appropriate for brunch with tea, or when you want a treat after dinner but don’t want to feel too full. If you’ve already made my Raspberry-Rhubarb Bars, you’ll notice several similarities! The base is very much the same, but I’ve swapped out a few key ingredients so they taste quite different. In Michigan, the blueberries are starting to get a little more sour – the particular variety I used for these bars is called Elliot. When peaches are ripe and need to be used that day, their juicy, luscious flavor makes a perfect complement to the little blue jewels of late summer.

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Blueberry-Coconut Smoothie

The Kitchen Beet - Blueberry Smoothie

You guys have been really, truly making my day. I mean it. One of my co-workers stopped by my office this morning to report her girls loved the cacao-coconut power balls (and they agreed with Aidan – better without the dried cherries). Another co-worker said she can barely boil water, but made the kale-red pepper-mushroom quiche to such success she felt like a kitchen warrior. A friend who now lives out west texted me pictures of the mango-sesame tofu spring rolls she made over the weekend, and mentioned multiple success with the granola, too. This literally makes me so happy, I can hardly put it into words. So thank you for every time you tell me you made a recipe from this site and loved it. I can tell you right now that will never get old!

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Buttermilk, Brown Butter, Blueberry Mini Muffins

The Kitchen Beet - Blueberry Muffins top

Say that five times fast. If unsuccessful, well, then, better make the muffins! Here in Michigan we are buying, consuming, freezing and baking with blueberries as fast as we can. These sweet, beautiful berries are my little saving grace in the middle of winter when I make pancakes on Sunday morning. For now, however, they are ripe and fresh and ready to be tucked in a not-too-sweet, but pretty decadent mini muffin.

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Road Trip Snacks: Cacao-Coconut Power Balls

The Kitchen Beet - Cacao-Coconut Power Balls - top

Over the course of the last two weeks, I’ve road tripped from my home state of Michigan to Wisconsin, as well as New York. I have spent approximately 36 hours total in the car over the course of those trips. This amount of time in the car demands you really like who you’re traveling with, have similar tastes in music and have excellent snacks. Enter these power balls. I like them because they come together super easily during a time when you’re packing, can hang out in the freezer until you leave and simultaneously satisfy your car need for something sweet, something salty and a little protein boost.

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The Cacao-Banana-Hemp Smoothie

The Kitchen Beet :: Cacao-Banana-Hemp Smoothie

I’m back in Michigan, where I live, after an amazing weekend in Vermont. As much as I truly love my life here with my family, my heart definitely has a little wanderlust. I love to explore new places, hike unfamiliar trails and eat at local restaurants in cities not my own. My dear girlfriend from college and I met in Burlington to do exactly these things.

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