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Fun fact: I am 8 months pregnant in this picture, and craving beets.

Hi! I’m Penelope Rose. I’m a mother of two going on three, Pilates instructor, avid learner, writer and obsessive home cook. I’m cranky if I don’t get enough fresh air, love long hikes with my people, skiing, paddle boarding, sunset watching over Lake Michigan, cycling and anything else that gets me outside. I’m terrible at parallel parking, my car is always a hot mess, I probably couldn’t make a bigger kitchen disaster when I cook if I tried, and I cannot keep grass alive.

I enjoy creating healthy, delicious recipes with whole foods, and have a weakness for dark chocolate and red wine.

I am, fortunately, married to my perfect opposite: the man who once parallel parked a rented Crown Victoria in an impossible spot in Washington DC, a feat so incredible the friends we were with still talk about it. Kyle cleans up my kitchen messes lovingly and keeps our grass green, all while being an incredible father to our kids.

Aidan is 12, a voracious reader, an awesome soccer player, biker and skier, with a very soft spot in his heart for his little sister. He is the kindest boy I know, and I’m thankful every single day I get to be his mom.

Audrey is 3, and is incredibly smart and sassy. She is happiest when dirty, destructive or dangerous. She keeps all of us on our toes, since we can’t leave her for a second. She is a joy, and challenges me in the most beautiful way daily.

Baby Girl will join us June 2017, and we can’t wait to meet her!

This space is for all the kitchen deliciousness I’m constantly creating. I’m particularly thankful to friends on Instagram for asking me for recipes, without whom I might not have decided to make this a reality. I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope my thoughts and ideas bring you inspiration, success and lots of kitchen bliss.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Momma Rose

    So happy your dream is a reality! I know you’ve put a lot hard work & thought into developing. I’m lucky to be the one who welcomed you into this world, watch you grow and develop into the beautiful woman you’ve become. So proud of you and happy to be your momma. Love you!


  2. Hayley

    GREAT website Penn!! Beautifully thought out, and I cannot wait to try all the delicious recipes. You are a wonderful person and an awesome cook. I love that you always follow your dreams. Congratulations on getting this started!! Xoxo


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