Butternut Squash-Sage Galette

The Kitchen Beet - Butternut Squash-Sage in bowl

I’ve been meaning to post this since Thanksgiving, and now Christmas is in EIGHT days. My favorite part of a house bustling with food preparation for a group is actually the eating throughout the day. The focus for a holiday like Thanksgiving is typically the “big meal,” but I prefer all the other details – starting with a hot breakfast and leisurely coffee, snack buffets with hummus and veggies, and feeding people flavorful bites throughout the day. The two most-loved appetizers from this year were Balsamic Mushroom Tart with Walnut-Parsley Pesto, and this galette. There’s something about a flaky, buttery crust setting the stage for sweet butternut squash and sage to dance together. It didn’t last four minutes with my family.

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