Vichyssoise (AKA Easy Potato Soup)

The Kitchen Beet - Potato Soup

If I didn’t love the name The Kitchen Beet so much, I could’ve easily titled it “The Kitchen Soup.” This happy little food blog started in late spring of this year, so you really haven’t had the chance to learn one of my truths: When all else fails, make soup. It’s so forgiving (I mean, you have to work to mess up soup). Generally speaking, it only requires a cutting board, knife, measuring cup or two, measuring spoons and a big pot. This makes for happy dishwashers. It’s an excellent way to use up a variety of veggies. You get the point. I love soup. There will be lots of soup. I hope you love soup, too.

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Peaches and Coconut Overnight Oats

TKB - Peach Coconut Overnight Oats

Living in a place like Michigan, with all four seasons, really suits me. I could certainly handle some seasons being longer (oh, sweet, fleeting autumn) and perhaps shorten winter to three months instead of approaching six. But the variety is harmonious with my personality. I love when seasons collide, like now. Summer not quite ready to say good-bye; autumn chilling the air and lake in a way that makes jeans and sweatshirts deliciously appropriate. At the market this past weekend, I saw big Honeycrisp apples for the first time, but the peaches were still there, too. Before they’re gone, spend less than five minutes making yourself this breakfast. You can grab and go in the morning, and get something that fills you up instead of sacrificing because mornings often seem too short.

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Weeknight Vegetable Red Curry with Brown Rice

The Kitchen Beet - Weekday Vegetable Red Curry

You know those evenings where you’re flying around, because one kid has soccer practice and you’re trying to get a run in while pushing your other little person in the jogger. You manage to get the kids fed well, but your husband is coaching, and you’re going to work out anyways, so you don’t really eat a proper meal yourself until…ah. He’s home. Showers/baths are done. Stories have been read. Snuggles have been given. Kiddos are in bed. You’re tempted to order take-out, because you’re pretty darn tired at this point, and definitely hungry. But you don’t! You make this curry. It’s flexible, really easy to pull together and feeds you and your partner (or whoever you might be sharing with!) heartily. Unless you’re having multiple servings, one of you even gets lunch for the next day. Bonus!

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Peach-Blueberry Bars with Pistachio-Honey Crumble

The Kitchen Beet - Peach-Blueberry Bar

I mean. If that title is reeling you in, we’re already friends. These bars are my idea of perfection – they’re not too sweet, so they seem equally appropriate for brunch with tea, or when you want a treat after dinner but don’t want to feel too full. If you’ve already made my Raspberry-Rhubarb Bars, you’ll notice several similarities! The base is very much the same, but I’ve swapped out a few key ingredients so they taste quite different. In Michigan, the blueberries are starting to get a little more sour – the particular variety I used for these bars is called Elliot. When peaches are ripe and need to be used that day, their juicy, luscious flavor makes a perfect complement to the little blue jewels of late summer.

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