Lessons in the Kitchen: Curried Cauliflower with Wheat berries, Kale and Ginger Dressing

The Kitchen Beet :: Curried Cauliflower Prep

I’ve mentioned before one of the reasons I find myself so repeatedly delighted in the kitchen is the learning. For someone who bores easily, the kitchen is a place of endless growth. No matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn, more to try. Ingredients that were once foreign become favorites, landing on new flavor combinations brings joy, and sometimes cleaning out the refrigerator yields surprisingly delicious results.

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Welcome to the “Even My Sisters Can Make It” Files: Southwest Quinoa with Spinach and Avocado

The Kitchen Beet :: Southwest Quinoa

I have four sisters, but none of them live in the same state as I do. Heather is the one you’d want to decorate your house, or make you a perfect cup of coffee. Sarada is the one you’d turn to for legal advice, and makes things simple when we’re all trying to be too complicated. Heidi can tell you anything you want to know about horses, and she gives the best shoulder rub. Hayley has the perfect accessory for any of your fashion woes, and she always cleans up my kitchen messes, so she might be my favorite to cook for! That’s my role. The maker of food. I count it a high compliment when I walk into one of my sister’s houses and they have ripe avocados, lime and garlic waiting for me on the counter. “Make us guacamole?!”

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Weekend Breakfast Ideas: Kale-Berry Smoothie + Raspberry-Banana Overnight Oats with Maple-Glazed Almonds

The Kitchen Beet :: Kale-Berry Smoothie

I’d like to give Friday a nice round of applause for arriving so quickly this week, and for (in my neck of the woods) being sunny and warm. As you gear up for all your weekend plans, I’ve put together a couple of ideas to make breakfast really easy for you. If we have any dads or older kids in the crowd in the crowd, I’d recommend you add one of these to your breakfast in bed plans for your wife/mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday!

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