Fish Tacos with an Asian Flair

The Kitchen Beet - Fish Tacos

I love colorful food. Though I have few “rules” for food, if I had to sum up my food philosophy, it would be something like: “Make the majority of what you eat + eat all of the colors. The end.” I was chatting about this space with my girlfriend when we were in Vermont last weekend and mentioned I’ve come to a purpose for this food blog, without really meaning to. When I first started thinking about creating a spot to put all of my favorite recipes for friends and family, that was really my only goal. It’s become a little more concrete as I get further into it: I’m really on a mission to get people to make more of what they eat!

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The Cacao-Banana-Hemp Smoothie

The Kitchen Beet :: Cacao-Banana-Hemp Smoothie

I’m back in Michigan, where I live, after an amazing weekend in Vermont. As much as I truly love my life here with my family, my heart definitely has a little wanderlust. I love to explore new places, hike unfamiliar trails and eat at local restaurants in cities not my own. My dear girlfriend from college and I met in Burlington to do exactly these things.

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Best Basic Hippie Granola

Best Basic Granola :: The Kitchen Beet

This won’t be the last granola recipe I post here, but it’s the perfect one to start. This is, hands down, my best basic granola. No fruit, no seeds, just oats, nuts and natural sweeteners. If your oats are gluten-free, the granola will be too. If you’re not already convinced, consider this: your house will smell AMAZING. Plus, every single person I have ever gifted this granola loved it. Okay. Let’s head to the kitchen.

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Farmer’s Market Love: Asparagus-Shallot-Tomato Salad

The Kitchen Beet :: Asparagus-Shallot-Tomato Salad

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed lately, my Farmer’s Market obsession is apparent. Our Opening Day was this past Wednesday, and I had been looking forward to it like a kid counting down for a holiday. I love the community that gathers at our beautiful market space, our ability to support local farmers, and the dirt I find in between radish leaves, reminding me these vegetables were just picked. There is something about seasonal eating that feels so right and natural – of course we should be eating food that hasn’t traveled far, supports our neighbor and was harvested just now because it was time to harvest, not because we were forcing it.

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