If Quiche Makes You Want to Dance

eggs (prose)

I’m an egg lover. Not in a red wine and dark chocolate kind of way, but still. I’m particularly fond of quiche when hosting a group, for obvious reasons. It’s less labor intensive and more friendly to everyone eating at once, opposed to some person standing over the stove churning out omelettes while everyone else eats.

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Beets and Blackberries

beet salad (prose)

Starting a food blog named The Kitchen Beet demands the very first post have something to do with beets, no? There’s more than one reason I decided to title this blog as such, back when I started dreaming about it last year. When I think of beets, words like earthy, sweet, messy, vibrant, healthy and colorful come to mind. Those words are a pretty accurate description of the happenings in my kitchen and, if nothing else, the messy part always rings true. 
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