Seedy Granola Bars

The Kitchen Beet - Seedy Granola Bar

Making a pan of granola bars is something that saves us every week. Whether it’s a family bike ride, or Kyle and Aidan running off to soccer practice or Saturday morning errands requiring breakfast on the go, we love these. Audrey thinks they’re the best treat.

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Cauliflower-Celeriac-Carrot Soup with Shiitake “Bacon”


My husband has been a vegetarian for 15 years (the same amount time I’ve known him, though not the same amount of time we’ve been married), so much of the food on this site focuses¬†around whole foods and stuff that comes out of the ground, as that is primarily what I cook. You real bacon lovers might turn up your nose at the thought of mushroom bacon, but don’t knock ¬†it until you’ve tried it!

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You Think You Don’t Like Kale But You Do Smoothie

kale smoothie (prose)

I don’t like to label my kids with names like “picky,” but the truth is, the 10-year-old kind of is. The fact that he requests this smoothie (“Mom! Can you make the kale and ginger smoothie please?!”) is a serious seal of approval. There isn’t a time I don’t love this smoothie. Morning, yes. Post work-out, yes. Feeling sluggish, yes. Having friends over, yes. Putting it in the toddler’s cup when she’s giving her green beans the evil eye, yes.

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